Gymnastics Classes for Kids Portsmouth

Getting your little ones into Gymnastics classes is fantastic for them to get involved in! Not only will they make friends, have fun they'll get help in the process with things like their balance not to mention flexibility and coordination they will also get creative. We have took the time to come up with some brilliant gymnastics for kids classes across the UK that could just be perfect for your babys to get involved with.
Read on for more information regarding what our local Portsmouth gymnastics classes have on offer. 


Gymnastics Club, Stubbington Springboard

These up to date facility's at Stubbington Springboard Gymnastics club will allow your child the opportunity to get involved in gymnastics and work on Olympic standard equipment! This could also lead to them receiving British Gymnastics proficiency award scheme badges and certificates.

Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre

Here in Portsmouth this brilliant purpose built Gymnastics facility has unmissable sessions for babys gymnastics, toddlers gymnastics, kids gymnastics and adult gymnastics where you can explore the gym together, and play of course! 

This gymnastics training facility in Portsmouth offers all types of programme so you will be sure to find something right for you and you rlittle ones.

Portsmouth School of Gymnastics

This HUGE 5,000 sf Gymnastics centre is based in Farlington, Portsmouth. Here you will find all types of classes and activities for you and or your little ones.

These classes include; Baby Gymnastics, Toddler Gymnastics, Fun Classes, Adult Gymnastics and team Gymnastics.

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